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About Elevate Brain Training

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A Little about My Professional Journey: I served as a credentialed, full-time high school teacher for 20 years, using brain-friendly teaching techniques, and earning two different "Teacher of the Year" awards from two different student bodies. I also served as a Sensory Motor Cognitive Therapist, helping children and adults close their ability-achievement gap with vision therapy, Interactive Metronome, P.A.C.E. (Processing and Cognitive Enhancement), Handwriting Without Tears, Lindamood-Bell, etc.

Brain Injury Changes Everything: In 2008, I suffered a debilitating brain injury followed by multiple major surgeries and chronic stress. Persistent post-concussive syndrome ensued for six years. Navigating life was next-to-impossible for this previously athletic, healthy 40-something. No intervention helped me recover my pre-injury brain functioning.... until I found a neurofeedback system that saved my brain, saved my life. In only 25 one-hour sessions. 

From Pain to Purpose: Because neurofeedback freed me of the prison of brain injury, I have purpose and passion to help others be free of a brain that keeps them from thriving. In fact, research shows that people with healthier brains are happier, healthier, wealthier people, per Daniel Amen, MD.  

Elevate Brain Training is Established, 2014: This boutique practice -- using cutting-edge neurofeedback -- is a labor of love to help others

Since 2014, Elevate Brain Training's neurotherapist Linda Guzman has:

  • earned certification as Amen Clinics Brain Health Professional 
  • owned and operated this boutique practice specializing in neurofeedback -- also known as EEG biofeedback or neurotherapy -- a systematic, state-of-the-art technological process that results in improved brain functioning with permanent gains
  • been an authorized, certified BrainPaint® neurofeedback provider
  • personally conducted over 5,500 hours of client sessions, resulting in life-changing improvements
  • personally served hundreds of clients -- from intake assessment till 'graduation'
  • completed 1,000+ hours of graduate-level continued education in neurofeedback, brain health, & marriage/family therapy 


Life Mission: To help others conquer their brain-based challenges by providing top-notch brain health care with compassion and a state-of-the-art neurofeedback system. The end game: optimized brain health so that CLIENTS have the ability to control their brains. Their dysregulated brains no longer control them

Every day, I'm grateful as I hear my clients' successes:

  • "My behavior finally lines up with my beliefs"
  • "My kids aren't afraid of me anymore"
  • "I can work again" 
  • "I finally applied for and earned that promotion"
  • "I didn't have my usual panic attack on the plane" 
  • "I'm exercising and eating healthier" 
  • "I'm not fighting with my sister anymore"
  • "My headaches are gone" 
  • "I'm sleeping better"
  • "My son can control his anger now"
  • "My daughter now volunteers to do chores; I'm not nagging her anymore"
  • "I'm earning straight A's in school"

Only 20-30 hours at Elevate Brain Training

nets you tens of thousands

of subsequent hours

of optimized functioning

to thrive in your life's purpose.

If we don't have thriving lives, WHY? ...

We need a solution for the ROOT CAUSE. Often, the CORE issue is a dysregulated brain --> a brain that is not functioning optimally, resulting in us not feeling, relating, behaving, sleeping, achieving optimally. It's not a matter of 'trying harder' or finding that one miracle pill; and it's not a matter of needing a better job, a different teacher or boss, a different school, or any other such external solution. 

We are Overcomers:  We all have purpose. But we need tools to reach -- or, get back to -- our potential in order to fulfill the purpose(s) we have in life. One vital tool is a high-functioning brain, but oftentimes somewhere along our life's journey, our brain health suffers setbacks. Neurofeedback at Elevate Brain Training can help your brain function optimally, once again. Or, if you've never felt that your brain has functioned at its best, neurofeedback can help you, as well.

Linda Guzman Ellenberger, B.H.P.

  • Amen Clinics Certified Brain Health Professional 
  • Elevate Brain Training Owner & Operator, Established 2014
  • BrainPaint® Neurofeedback Practitioner, Authorized and Certified 
  • Interactive Metronome Provider 

​​Frequently Asked Questions

Is this business the same as the Elevate Game AppNo 

Does Elevate Brain Training accept insurance? Elevate is private-pay only. Also, insurance companies do not accept superbills from Elevate.


What forms of payment are accepted? Cash, check, Venmo, Zelle 

How much relevant experience does Linda have?

  • 9 years as an authorized, certified BrainPaint® provider working one-on-one with hundreds of clients of all ages.
  • 3 years as a sensory motor cognitive therapist, e.g., visual, auditory, kinesthetic therapies.
  • 20 years as a teacher, using brain-friendly teaching techniques.
  • Over 20 years working in a family hardware business where customer service was foremost.
  • Over 40 years working in helping professions and volunteer positions with folks of all ages and all walks of life. 

Does Elevate offer value pricing? Yes. Per-session cost may be as little as $62-$72 for clients who take advantage of one, two, or all three different discount opportunities:

  • 10-Pack Purchase: Clients receive 11 appointments for the price of 10 when they purchase a 10-pack, prior to or on the same day as the first appointment they're purchasing. (Intake appointments not included.)
  • Perfect Attendance 10-in-a-Row: ​Clients may pre-schedule 10 appointments at 2x/week. If they perfectly attend each of those 10 pre-scheduled appointments, they earn one free appointment. (Intake appointments not included.) 
  • Referrals: Current clients earn one free appointment per referral who completes their intake appointment + 10 sessions. 

What are Elevate's fees? 

  • 75- to 120-MinuteIntake Appointment/Evaluation$160
    • Includes, at minimum:
      • UCLA Human Subjects Committee-approved neurofeedback intake interview/questionnaire
      • Amen Clinics Brain Systems Assessment 
      • Amen Clinics Brain Health General Symptom Assessment
      • BrainPrint Computer Activity/Assessment
  • 25- to 65-minute Office/Phone Appointment, NFB Session, Conference, Consultation, Training: $80
  • Added value: Most appointments incorporate Amen Clinics methods to help each client optimize their lifestyle to best support their unique brain health needs.

How many sessions are typically needed? Average is 20-30 at 2x/week, 45-65 minutes each. My goal is to provide the most efficient, effective neurofeedback regimen for each client so they can experience brain healing and then go out into the world and thrive in as few sessions as possible. At the same time, clients are never rushed through the program. 

How often do I need sessions? Research indicates clients need 2 sessions per week. Neurofeedback is brain exercise. The brain needs repetition to get into better shape, just like the body needs repetition to get into better shape. However, once clients reach their brain training goals, the brain permanently maintains gains in most cases. Throughout clients' neurofeedback regimen, clients benefit from Amen Clinics diet and lifestyle counseling to help them optimally support brain health and to optimize overall health and healthspan. 

When is Elevate open? By appointment only. Appointment slot availability: 8:30am till 4:00pm M-F. Exceptions may be made on a limited basis. Elevate is happy to put prospective clients on a waiting list when there are no open appointment slots.

How may I schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation to determine if Elevate is right for me? Email Linda at elevatebraintraining@gmail.com, or fill out the contact form below. Thank you in advance for reading the above information prior to contacting Elevate Brain Training. Looking forward to helping you determine if Elevate Brain Training is a good fit for your mental health and brain health needs!