Permanent Relief from Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms and More

​​Evidence-based neurofeedback at Elevate Brain Training provides life-changing healing from post-traumatic stress (PTS). Research-based eyes-closed Alpha Theta training with Guided Visualizations provides healing from post-traumatic stress (PTS). Click here for more on the 'warrior brain,' Alpha Theta training, and peer-reviewed research on Alpha Theta training for PTS. As scheduling allows, Elevate Brain Training offers reduced-fee and some pro bono services to U.S. military veterans with job-related and/or combat-related PTS. 

Typical Results: Nightmares resolved or significantly diminished in the first five sessions when clients have two sessions per week. Additionally, clients report flashbacks, hypervigilance, intrusive thoughts, sleep issues, anger/aggression, depression, anxiety, irritability, memory deficits and other cognitive deficits, etc are significantly improved or are 100% resolved -- usually in about 20 sessions. 

Elevate Brain Training salutes our U.S. military for their immense sacrifices and for their committed service

A huge 'thank you' to former Elevate Brain Training clients -- military veterans Saxon P. and Danielle S. -- for eloquently sharing your respective journeys pre-neurofeedback through post-neurofeedback (below). These results are typical and permanent. In fact, many clients report continual improvement six to nine months after the completion of training regimen. 

Elevate Brain Training is a BBB Accredited Biofeedback Therapist in Fresno, CA

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