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No More ADHD After 25 Sessions at Elevate Brain Training

In the middle of the school year, Client J's teacher told her parents that J was not on track to pass 1st grade. The teacher was going to start the process to get J on a 504 Plan -- on a special education track. After 25 sessions at Elevate, the 504 Plan is not needed: No need for special education services. No "label." No more getting in trouble for not paying attention. 

J's parents are elated: ""I thank God for guiding us to Linda for BrainPaint therapy.... We have a new little girl! We're very thankful to Linda for her love, passion, and patience for J and this therapy. She's great, and I highly recommend this therapy!" 

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BrainPaint in School Results in Significant Improvements in ADHD, Depression, Teen Suicide Rates, & Overall Academic Performance: See Chart Below

ADHD Symptoms Normalized in Less Than 2 Weeks

The following researchers were involved in an independent joint ADHD study with 100+ subjects using BrainPaint at Los Angeles-based Cri-Help, a non-profit organization:

  • Jeffrey Schwartz, MD, Associate Research Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA School of Medicine
  • Lobsang Rapgay, PhD at the Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences at UCLA
  • Julian Keith, PhD of the Department of Psychology, University of North Carolina, Wilmington

A very large effect size was found in the experimental group. BrainPaint normalized ADHD symptoms in 1.5 weeks of intensive sessions, twice per day. 

The Efficacy of BrainPaint as Seen in Recent Research 

What Does Other Research Tell Us About Neurofeedback's Efficacy with ADHD?

These studies are by no means the only research supporting neurofeedback's efficacy; however, the studies below are some of the most significant studies in the field. Elevate has put the information from abstracts into a user-friendly format so you can quickly and easily see the most pertinent information gleaned from the abstracts. Please click on each chart for the link to the online abstract or to the full article, where available.

Mother & Son Testimonials: How BrainPaint Has Changed Both Their Lives

Calub and his mom Paige each share their unique perspective on how EEG biofeedback has rocked their worlds.


The American Academy of Pediatrics has

Endorsed Neurofeedback as a "Level One"

Best Support Option for ADHD 

The research on neurofeedback's effectiveness with attention,

hyperactivity, and impulsivity issues is indisputable --

giving hope to all ADHD sufferers. There is PERMANENT,

life-transforming help in the form of neurofeedback. ​​