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Some High-Performing Athletes Who Amped Up Their Performance with Neurofeedback

  • Kerri Walsh-Jennings: Olympic gold medal winner in beach volleyball 2004, 2008, 2012 
  • Denver Broncos: AFL Division Leaders 2014 & Superbowl Champions 2016
  • New York Giants: Superbowl Champs 2008 & 2012​
  • Chicago Bears: NFL Division Leaders 2007
  • New Zealand All Blacks trained with BrainPaint: Rugby World Cup 2008
  • Alexandre Bilodeau--the Canadian men’s mogul champion who won Olympic gold in 2010 & 2014--credited his gold medal to neurofeedback. 
  • The Canadian Olympic team used neurofeedback extensively in the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.
  • The Vancouver Canucks Men's Hockey Team--after a 20-year post-season drought--won the 2011 Stanley Cup championship; also, they're holders of the best regular season in the NHL in both the 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 seasons.
  • The Italian National Men's Soccer Team won the 2006 FIFA World Cup.
  • Jessica Hardy:  2012 U.S. Swim Team Olympic Gold Medalist
  • Eric Shanteau:  2012 U.S. Swim Team Olympic Gold Medalist
  • Tennis Player Mary Pierce: Winner of Four Grand Slam Titles
  • Phil Mickelson:  World Golf Hall of Famer

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 Elevate Brain Training Client Success Stories

The Sun Came Out After Long-Haul Covid (Video): Long-haul Covid symptoms resolved with locked-in gains in only 12 sessions; noticeable improvements after only two neurofeedback sessions. Brain plasticity + state-of-the-art software + an experienced neurotherapist = no more brain fog and plenty of energy to live life to the fullest. If it seems too good to be true, it must be BrainPaint neurofeedback at Elevate Brain Training. 


7-Yr-Old Student Transformation after 25 Sessions at Elevate (Video)Wendi Norvell, Kepler Neighborhood School teacher, recounts student's amazing gains in reading, verbal expression, organization, observational abilities, writing, social skills, and the list goes on....

Stroke Recovery with Warp-Speed Improvement in First Handful of Sessions (Video): Anxiety, fatigue, inability to focus, headaches... resolved or significantly improved, in about thirteen weeks at 2 sessions per week.


Despair and Depression Resolved (Video)​: Listen how she now has a strong foundation of joy and positivity rather than a foundation of despair and depression. Healthier brains have healthier negative and positive emotional circuitry. Life is just better... after neurofeedback at Elevate Brain Training.


Neurofeedback Resolves 40 Years of Depression

Karla reported 40 years of depression as 100% resolved after approximately 20 sessions at 2x/week. Karla "tried everything" before a friend told her about Elevate Brain Training. The constant negative thoughts disappeared. Her memory? Not a problem anymore. Her concentration? She's not embarrassed anymore from blanking out. Her anger? Hardly comes up anymore and is now controllable. Then there are those pesky gastro-intestinal issues that are significantly improved. Life is better with BrainPaint.

Neurofeedback Resolves Anxiety, Phobia, Flashbacks

Before BrainPaint: Riddled with anxiety that permeated all aspects of her life, Jill regularly woke with negative thoughts and a racing mind then she rarely slept through the night, so no relief was ever in sight.  Her severe fear of driving/traveling in cars and airplanes had debilitated her for at least 10 long years. Traveling in a car consisted of white-knuckling it and feeling riddled with anxiety.  Whenever she had to fly, she was dependent on at least a couple alcoholic drinks + Xanax to get her through the flight without a panic attack. And, well, forget about being in a crowd. She couldn't tolerate that.  Then, there were those pesky weekly flashbacks to past distressing experiences. 

Jill's BrainPaint Journey: After only 8 full BrainPaint sessions, Jill took a plane trip -- FREE OF XANAX.  On this trip, she freely walked through crowds with no anxiety. She no longer drives with her white-knuckled, anxious steering-wheel grip. She no longer white-knuckles it while traveling in a car. Sleep is no longer elusive; she now sleeps through the night.  And her nightly alcoholic drink?  NO NEED anymore.  She naturally feels more calm, more relaxed.  Her already-great relationship with her husband has gotten even better.  And, those weekly flashbacks? Gone. None. Life is just better. Such results are permanent

Neurofeedback Resolves Depression, Anxiety, Sleeplessness

Before BrainPaint: A teenaged Kyle knew he needed a change. Living with the ball and chain of depression for over half his short life was just plain wearisome, but the option of medication was off the table; hence, he gave neurofeedback a shot.

Kyle's BrainPaint Journey: After only 2 sessions, Kyle fell asleep faster and stayed asleep better than he had since he could remember. As for motivation, it noticeably increased. After only 10 sessions in 5 weeks, Kyle has ZERO depression, zero anxiety, zero sleeplessness, and he's in the home stretch of his BrainPaint program with a lighter countenance and a more relaxed, confident demeanor. Kyle's "new normal" is life without depression -- in only weeks. The best part? Kyle's results *are* typical, and permanent.

Neurofeedback Resolves ADHD

Before BrainPaint: Mid-school year, Joy was not on track to graduate 1st grade; she needed special education services due to her debilitating ADHD symptoms. 

Joy's Journey of Hope: After only 4 sessions 2x/week at Elevate, Joy's parents noticed significant improvements in her memory, verbal abilities, awareness, and attention. Mom says, "Joy's mind has been awakened!" After only 6 weeks at Elevate, Joy was earning passing grades in 1st grade. After only 12 weeks, Joy graduated Elevate's program--with 100% symptom resolution. Her behavior dramatically improved, as she can now keep her hands to herself, no longer disrupts class, memorizes words and phrases, describes things in detail now, and doesn't "zone out" like she used to. She has a newfound self-esteem and confidence, and she graduated 1st grade! In her mom's words: "We have a new little girl!" 


Neurofeedback Resolves Post-Traumatic Stress, Attention and Sleep Issues

Symptom resolution in 6 weeks -- with only 18 one-hour sessions at 2-4x/week. These are typical results. No medication. No pain. No adverse side effects. BrainPaint brain training at Elevate empowered a teenaged client:

  • to pay attention and focus on schoolwork for HOURS at a time rather than minutes at a time
  • to SIT STILL rather than incessantly fidget
  • to be even-keeled rather than have extreme mood swings 2x/day
  • to be reasonable rather than argumentative & unreasonably resistant
  • to get to sleep immediately rather than take 2 hours to fall asleep

Client post-traumatic stress, manifesting as re-stimulations, resolved. BrainPaint's proprietary trauma protocol has resulted in brain healing so the client is no longer panicky and fearful of a possible bully attack. Now, when the bully DOES 'attack,' the teen has no fear. Rather, this teen can reason logically through the bully's verbal abuse and remain 100% unbothered and unaffected. [For more info on this unique protocol, click here.]

Neurofeedback Resolves Effects of Chronic Stress

Before BrainPaint: A normally high-functioning CEO, Jay, "lost" his energetic, productive, creative self to a ferocious chronic work stress. He had a nasty case of fatigue, regularly battling to concentrate for just 20 good minutes. Making matters worse, he woke often each night -- never getting a full night of restorative sleep. Jay knew he couldn't continue in this downward spiral. 

Jay's Success: After only about 3-5 one-hour sessions, Jay's productivity soared. Since completing the program, he works his usual, intense 10- to 14-hour days -- energetically, productively, accurately, & with focus. He sleeps restoratively then is back at his desk ready for the new day, energized & motivated! 

Neurofeedback Resolves Depression, Anger, Fatigue, Mood Swings, and Migraines

Some of Carrie's first words when she came to Elevate: "I just want to be happy, and I want my marriage to be happier." A 30-something mom with three young children, she came to Elevate after she'd "tried everything under the sun" (her words). She had received her first psychiatric diagnosis when she was 12, and the diagnoses stacked up as she aged. She'd been in talk therapy for most of her life, only to still be stuck with the ball and chain of her debilitating cluster of symptoms. After only ONE month, and after only 26 sessions--oftentimes 2 sessions per day--Carrie is no longer a prisoner of her anger, depression, mood swings, etc.  No more guilt of taking her anger out on her children. No more depression. No more mood swings. And no more anti-seizure medications (yes, plural) for her migraines and other ailments. Her final thoughts as she finished here at Elevate: "I haven't felt this good in years." THAT ... is the transformational power of neurofeedback. Life-changing. Life-defining.  

Neurofeedback Resolves Anger, Depression, Mood Swings; Improves Academic Performance

​"I went from straight C's, D's & F's to straight B's" -- after only 5 BrainPaint sessions. "I now complete ALL, not just half, of my homework. It's easier to finish my homework now, and I'm more motivated." ​Mom's ecstatic: "Sienna smiles a lot more now. She's more verbal. She doesn't have those sunken eyes that are sad all the time. Her countenance is changed."  In only 10 sessions, Sienna transformed from a sleepless, withdrawn, disrespectful, depressed teen with weekly anger tantrums--regularly throwing things at her mom--into a happier, calmer young lady: sleeping through the night and experienc ing more academic success than she has in a very long time. By Sienna's 22nd session, she was ready to graduate from Elevate's program, as she was 100% free of anger, mood swings, sleep problems, and ... she was earning straight A's in school. 

Neurofeedback Significantly Improves Symptoms of Developmental Trauma

After only 4 sessions, Erica's therapist reported 58-year-old Erica is significantly more "present" with a greater clarity in articulating herself in both written AND oral form. In the first 10-20 sessions, Erica's memories started "coming together" to form a "more coherent story" that empowered her to have new insights about her childhood. More purposeful and productive than ever, Erica reports better decision-making, improved motivation, and better ability to discern who's safe and who's not. She's done purposeful "social housecleaning": choosing healthier relationships, letting go of unhealthy & toxic relationships, and practicing healthy boundaries for herself. Further into training, she reports being able to understand others' emotions better, being much better organized, and being a 100% SHAME-FREE ZONE. She reports, "I haven't been able to get this from any therapy in 40 years." For the first time in her life, she "doesn't feel dependent or co-dependent." BrainPaint has rocked her world, and it continues to do so as Erica continues with more sessions as she keeps on experiencing gains. 

Neurofeedback Resolves Night Terrors & Nightmares

Little Devon was plagued with night terrors for nearly all her young life. At 8-years-old, she came to Elevate for help.  Devon's horrific nightmares not only severely disrupted her sleep but also her parents' and big sister's. Only a few nights after her first session, Devon's dad noticed, "She's been sleeping much better every night!" After only 5 sessions, Devon's mom said her entire household dynamics changed: there's peace in the house. "It's h-u-g-e that Devon's sleeping all through the night. She's sleeping in her own bed, she's MUCH less whiney during the day, & she's not complaining about her headaches anymore! This is changing our whole house: she's not crying at night that she doesn't want to fall asleep, and mornings are much easier."  

Neurofeedback Resolves Depression & Fatigue

Before BrainPaint: Barbara, a local professional--inadvertently caught in a high-stress, depressing, never-ending legal web--lost her creative & happy-go-lucky mojo.

Barbara Got Her Mojo Back: After only 25 sessions, she's ready to conquer the world again: getting a full night's restful sleep (instead of just a few hours a night), being wakeful & alert in the morning (instead of peeling herself off her mattress), being efficient & productive at work again (instead of feeling like a ball & chain kept her from being motivated), & feeling strong again (instead of feeling like she's walking in tar)! She's walking at least 3 miles daily, she's planning events for her non-profit organization again, she's re-organizing her home, and she's having fun socializing again! Ahhh,,, it's GOOD to "be back" after completing the "No-Work Workout for Your Brain"!

​​​Neurofeedback Resolves Restimulations/PTSD

Before BrainPaint:  Michelle lamented, "Every time I close my eyes, I see my son dying in my arms [after the accident 3 months ago]." 

Michelle's Journey: After only one BrainPaint session, Michelle couldn't believe it: "This is the FIRST time I've closed my eyes since the accident that I haven't had that image of him dying in my arms." Michelle also reports improvements in sleep, memory, focus & attention, and mood. After only 4 sessions, Michelle reports, "My friends are noticing that I'm 'different.' And my mom is saying I'm more calm and I look more rested than ever. I don't seem so high-strung and hyper." No more hot flashes, racing mind, or heart palpitations of anxiety. Even through the still-fresh grief, she has complete symptom resolution after only 15 sessions. She has her appetite back, she's more present, she's more motivated, & she's happier.

Neurofeedback at Elevate Has Been "The Best Thing that Ever Happened to Me"
Per client: "During middle school, I was a C student. Now, I'm a high schooler earning A's and B's. I'm also more outgoing than I was a year ago. I found the sessions as a way to relax and relieve stress. Also during sessions, I like how Linda always accompanied me, listened to me, and laughed about the funny things that happened throughout my day. Elevate Brain Training was probably the best thing I needed in my life and the best thing that ever happened in my life." His parents are "amazed" at his improvements: he's doing chores without being asked. How many teens do that?! Also, he's not irrationally arguing, he's now open to reasonable discussions with his parents, and he even has newly advanced critical thinking skills to be able to play and ALMOST beat his parents at a strategy game he could never play before. (Note: his parents have been playing this game for YEARS.) *2022 Update: This student graduated with stellar grades from a 2021 California Distinguished School where he thrived at.

 Neurofeedback Resolves Mild Traumatic Brain Injury/Post-Concussive Syndrome Symptoms

​​Before BrainPaint: About 6-9 months after a serious cycling accident, a normally very energetic high school teacher developed a debilitating fatigue & daytime sleepiness, nighttime sleeplessness, brain fog, severe short-term memory deficits, ADHD symptoms, incessant muscle pain & weakness, irritability, daily incessant nausea, and difficulties with such simple tasks as articulating sentences (dysphasia). Normally a healthy person, she uncharacteristically seemed to be sick more often than not, and she found herself having serious appetite & digestion problems. 

Linda's Healing Journey: Seven years post-accident.... After 30 sessions at Elevate Brain Training, Linda's a brand new person with lots of energy, a restored memory, a clear & focused mind, restorative sleep, fluid speech; and she no longer suffers from muscle pain/weakness and that ever-present nausea. 

​​​​​Names and some details have been changed to protect client privacy.  However, time elements and symptom improvements are factual. 

Disclaimer: Although the above success stories DO represent typical results, Elevate can in no way guarantee your results will be the same as any of these success stories. Results vary.