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Hope Happens Here

Watch Richard's story of hope below. After stroke and concussion, Richard suffered debilitating symptoms with no hope of total recovery. In only his first handful of sessions, he noticed meaningful improvements. After less than 30 total sessions, he had experienced significant and life-changing brain healing. At least four years after his training, he's still thriving in his many roles as pastor, husband, father, grandfather, community leader, and friend. These are typical results at Elevate Brain Training where hope happens.

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What Yelpers Have to Say About Elevate Brain Training


[5.0 star rating] by Saxon P 10/9/2019
Linda helped me change my life. I suffered from many different issues when I started my brain paint sessions with Linda and by the end it was like I was a different person, more confident and calm, less impulsive, I was better with my children and even my extreme irritability and angry outbursts that I had spent years trying to fix on my own were gone. I had multiple concussions and PTSD from the military and I had done everything up to that point to try and cure these things my self, I couldn't have done it without her. She makes you feel important and comfortable and is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet! Thank you Linda, you saved me!

[5.0 star rating] by Kathleen M 4/7/2017
I love this woman.  She is genuine, honest, knowledgeable, and soooo supportive.  My daughter has had problems with debilitating anxiety and depression since she was seven years old (she is now 17). Meds never helped completely and for the last two years she has been labeled treatment resistant; meaning meds/therapy are no longer working.  She has not been in school for the last 2 years.  We  have been everywhere seeking help for her... hospitals, therapist, Tms, doctors, herbalist, chiropractors...  NONE of these professionals have been as helpful or supportive as she.  

Linda also has been very proactive.  She initiated contact with my daughter's therapist (who has been invaluable to us like Linda.  Natalie Garvey-De Leon ).  They are collaborating in my daughter's treatment.  She has also been researching my daughter's situation looking for possible reasons and aids in her improvement.  

And YES, there has been improvement.  It has been very incremental but compared to just a few months ago it's amazing.

I can't sing her praises enough and recommend her highly.  Thank you Linda!

[5.0 star rating] by Jessica V 5/20/2016
What can I say.  Mrs. Linda is such an amazing individual!!! I took my son for training due to grades and concerns. My son had many issues then í took him there for training and little by little the change started to present. I mean it is amazing what a turn around this has been. I get emotional just thinking about all the training Linda has made. This training program and Linda have been such great help for my son. His attitude and grades have gone drastically up!! Im so thankful!!! I highly recommend this place!!!

[5.0 star rating] by Heather T 

After 3 years of stress and new found anxiety, I started neurofeedback at Elevate Brain Training with Linda Guzman-Ellenberger.  It has been the best decision I have recently made.  Linda is both personable and calming, while educating you on the entire process.  I no longer feel stressed or anxious and I am able to focus more.  I am starting a new business venture and I know that Elevate Brain Training has helped put me on a more successful path.  I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone.

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Hope for Long Co-vid Cognitive Issues

Long co-vid is a new reality, demonstrating a similar brain signature to concussion. Subsequently, long co-vid sufferers share similar symptoms to concussion sufferers such as brain fog, sleep issues, memory challenges, fatigue, slow verbal and/or auditory processing, and so on. As neurofeedback is life-changing for concussion sufferers, neurofeedback at Elevate Brain Training has helped a number of long co-vid sufferers get back their thriving minds and lives with around 20 sessions or less. 

Elevate Brain Training is a BBB Accredited Biofeedback Therapist in Fresno, CA

The literature…suggests that neurofeedback plays a major therapeutic role in many different areas. In my opinion, if any medication had demonstrated such a wide spectrum of efficacy, it would be universally accepted and widely used."

Harvard neurologist Frank Duffy

Source: Bessel van der Kolk's The Body Keeps Score, 2014, p. 330


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Neurofeedback Basics at Elevate Brain Training

Longtime neurofeedback practitioner Linda Guzman -- an Amen Clinics Certified Brain Health Professional -- has been personally serving hundreds of clients of all ages in the Fresno area for just under 10 years -- from the intake appointment to the final 'graduation' session. Allowing up to 65 minutes per session, Ms. Guzman prioritizes listening to client needs prior to each session to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of each client's unique, personalized neurofeedback regimen.

Neurofeedback is a powerful life-changer, targeting the ROOT causes of the symptoms that keep you from from being the best version of yourself-- improving how you feel and function by improving how your brain operates.

  • The majority of Elevate's clients report improvement after only session #1 or #2.
  • 80% of clients report symptoms are "better" or "resolved" by only session #20.
  • Typically, clients report significant improvements in only 5-8 sessions.
  • Most clients need only 20-30 sessions at 2 sessions per week  for best, most efficient results. Similar to our need for repetition with physical exercise to make gains, the brain needs repetition to make and keep gains. Exercising only once per week nets little, if any, gain.
  • Permanency: Once your brain has experienced enough repetition, it has the capacity to maintain the gains.

Harvard Medical School Neuroimaging Researcher, Steven Lowen, PhD, on BrainPaint® Neurofeedback:As BrainPaint® is effective, relatively inexpensive, and has a negligible side-effect profile, it represents an "important, innovative invention."

In 2012, Startup Health chose BrainPaint® as one of the Top 10 health care innovations in the nation. For more information, please see  this article in TechCrunch

The American Academy of Pediatrics endorses neurofeedback for ADHD as a "Best Support" intervention -- the highest level possible. 

BrainPaint® Neurofeedback has been trusted by thousands, including Harvard Medical School/McClean Hospital, the Canadian Olympic Soccer Team, NBA All-Star Chris Kaman, Olympic Gold-winning beach volleyball star Kerri Walsh-Jennings, university and professional baseball teams, as well as prominent non-profits helping our military veterans such as Wounded Warriors. Click here for other prominent BrainPaint® successes.​​