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Elevate Brain Training Fresno Neurofeedback

Final Step

After an average of 20-30 neurofeedback sessions at a minimum of 2x/week, it's time to graduate Elevate Brain Training's neurofeedback program to thrive and to live life to the fullest, like Client "J" below (who had a little support from "Mrs. Unicorn")! Neurofeedback results are permanent when clients complete their regimen as prescribed.

Some clients, e.g., those with complex developmental trauma, autism, or many different symptoms they want to resolve, may need more than the 20-30 session average, depending on client goals.

Step 3

Just sit back and relax: Listen to musical tones, watch morphing fractal images reflecting your brainwave activity, and be mindful of a graph for a total of about 25-35 minutes of neurofeedback -- with a 20-second break for every 2 minutes of feedback. Some protocols require your eyes to be open, as in the first two images below.  One particular protocol requires your eyes to be closed as the feedback music guides you into a highly relaxed state, as in the photo on the far right. 

Step 2

At the beginning of each subsequent BrainPaint session, your provider abides by BrainPaint Standards of Care by acquiring your input in 10-14 categories. Your responses to these questions determine if and how much your protocols need to be refined since your previous session.

After all information is gathered, any necessary slight adjustments to the protocols are made, and then it's time for sensor placement. Sensor sites on ears and scalp will be rigorously cleaned Sensors will be put on your ears and scalp. Some folks also have sensors placed on their foreheads. Nothing goes into your brain. Sensors only pick up electrical activity coming from your brain, similar to how a heart rate monitor picks up only your heart rate. Most clients need at least one, if not two, sensor changes which take just a few moments in between your different protocols.

Step 1

During your intake session, your Elevate Brain Training neurofeedback practitioner will ask you 90 questions.

No pricey brain map is needed with the BrainPaint system.

The 90-Question Evaluation tool has long been approved by UCLA's 2005 Human Subject Committee as a valid, reliable tool to determine individualized protocols -- types of brainwave training & duration of each type of brainwave training. In some cases, there will be an extra computer activity called a "BrainPrint" which provides more data, specifically a "thumbprint" of your brainwave activity, to determine personalized training protocols. Additionally, a third tool may be used: another scientifically computerized assessment tool. 

What is the Brain Training Process Like?

At Elevate Brain Training, we make this process as user-friendly as possible: 

  • The intake that determines your neurofeedback protocols is neither pricey nor exhausting**
  • Clients relax in a serene environment for 45-65 minutes each session
  • No long waits to experience results, typically: most clients notice significant gains in only the first 5-8 sessions
  • No home activities
  • Non-invasive
  • Pain-free
  • Perfectly safe: no adverse side effects have been identified in nearly 50 years of research
  • No tears...unless you have tears of joy over the magnificent gains you make!
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • FDA-approved hardware ​​

​**BrainPaint neurofeedback does NOT require an expensive brain scan or brain map to get started. A study compared the BrainPaint assessment  for protocol selection to that of a brain map and concluded, "...it is not possible to draw conclusions regarding any advantage regarding QEEG-specific training -- versus Scott/Peniston [the BrainPaint technique] -- using current analysis." ~Roger J. deBeus, PhD, BCIA-EEG