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Elevate Brain Training owner Linda Guzman-Ellenberger explains EEG biofeedback, as well as her own healing journey from her 2008 traumatic brain injury, on CentralValleyTalk.com.

The No-Work Workout for Your BrainTMElevate your brain function. Elevate your life.​

Presentations by Elevate Brain Training

A bit of backstory.... In high school, good ol' Mom signed me up for a forensics class. No, this isn't the Hollywood-glamor "CSI" sort of forensics; it's the not-so-glamorous competitive public speaking sort of forensics. That was one of the best things Mom ever made me do. In fact, as a college student, I won 1st place with an expository speech on "Diet Beef" during the diet craze back in 1990. Bottom line: I love to talk in front of people. Even better: I especially love to combine two of my loves: public speaking and neurofeedback. So much so, that I've created a number of PowerPoint presentations about neurofeedback, a handful of which you may gain access to here. Just click on the title of the presentation you're interested in, and you'll find yourself on Slideshare. Please keep in mind that I generally expound upon each slide; the presentations have no audio, but you'll get the gist of each presentation by viewing the slides. 

​​​​​​​​​​The No-Work Workout for Your Brain™

Neurofeedback as a Personal Brain Trainer

Neurofeedback--also known as neurotherapy or EEG biofeedback--is a system that teaches your brain to improve its functioning at the core level, much like a personal trainer who teaches you how to strength-train: how to properly lift, how much weight to lift, how many repetitions, how often, and so forth.  The result of strength-training is a strong, productive, efficient body; similarly, the result of brain training via neurofeedback tends to be a strong, productive, efficient brain

Why Would Anyone Need a Personal Brain Trainer?

Your brain is your Command Center -- a complex system of electro-chemical activity -- that regulates your attention, emotions, behavior, mood, thoughts, sleep, response time, pain perception, and so on. Your Command Center may become negatively impacted by many things such as chronic stress;  grief;  emotional and/or physical trauma;  exposure to toxic substances, situations and/or people; negative thoughts and self-talk;  feelings of failure or extreme pressure;  genetic predispositions;  and other such elements.

Neurofeedback trains the electrical activity and timing in your brain to OPTIMIZE, resulting in permanent transformation: a strong, productive, efficient brain that's more attentive, focused, alert, & calm, with improved sleep patterns, increased resilience to stress, and improved grace under pressure. Clients notice that they function optimally at work, optimally at play, and optimally at rest. 


Neurofeedback Empowers Your Brain to Permanently Change 

Neurofeedback addresses the ROOT causes of the symptoms keeping you from being the best version of yourself. Medications can be very effective in helping most of the issues that neurofeedback improves; however, medications tend to be a temporary band-aid, whereas neurofeedback enables the brain to make permanent changes -- causing symptoms to either disappear or to significantly diminish. 

How May Neurofeedback Help Me or My Loved One?

See the list of conditions below that neurofeedback has been found to help with. Click on italicized items for further information.

​**Elevate Brain Training strongly recommends that folks with addictions seek treatment at an addiction recovery center. Locate a provider at an addiction recovery center near you at http://neurotherapist.info/.​​

Can Neurofeedback Replace Medication?

While under an MD's supervision, most people find they can either cut down or stop using their medication after successfully completing the required number of sessions. Interestingly enough, medication puts your brain in similar brainwave states as neurofeedback *teaches* your brain to permanently learn to produce on its own -- without the adverse side effects of medication. 

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

Generally, most clients notice improvements within the first 5-8 sessions. For longer lasting and typically permanent results, 20-30 sessions are recommended. Eighty per cent of BrainPaint clients report their symptoms are "better" or "resolved" by the 20th session. 

How Old Do I Have to Be to Receive Neurofeedback?

EEG biofeedback, also known as neurofeedback, has been used successfully with children as young as 18 months, adults over 90-years-old, and every age in between. Elevate Brain Training is happy to work with children as young as 5-years-old and with adults as old as 105-years-young. If you're interested in a younger child receiving neurofeedback, please feel free to contact Elevate to discuss options.

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