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About Elevate Brain Training

The Quest Begins: 25 years ago, I took a break from my first love (teaching), only to find myself on a quest to discover the causes of the ability-achievement gap: Why is it that some people are clearly bright but under-perform academically or vocationally? That quest was the very beginning of a journey that ultimately led me to become a neurofeedback provider.

The First Stop on My New Journey: I disembarked off the teaching train then worked as a Sensory Motor Cognitive Therapist, helping children and adults close their ability-achievement gap with such brain-based therapies: vision therapy, Interactive Metronome, P.A.C.E. program (Processing and Cognitive Enhancement), Handwriting Without Tears, etc.  Talk about an EPIPHANY!  I discovered that when our BRAINS are not cooperating with us -- when they're NOT functioning optimally --THEY tend to keep us from being the best version of ourselves! Well,,, a few years later, I jumped back into teaching with more tools in my tool belt, including a broader understanding and a deeper compassion for folks experiencing brain-based challenges.

An Unexpected Stop Along the Way: Fast forward .... to June 14, 2008. I suffered a debilitating mild traumatic brain injury (there's NOTHING "mild" about mTBI!) that went undiagnosed for nearly four years. In those years, three major surgeries PLUS a healthy dose of unrelenting chronic stress compounded the horrible impact of my brain injury. Maybe you've seen pictures of post-tsunami damage? That was my brain: a dysregulated mess.  

Now, was that person with the ability-achievement gap that had so perplexed me for years.

Now, I was the one with the brain that was not cooperating with me.

I went from being motivated Energizer Bunny to miserable Couch Potato Queen, and it stunk! Every day seemed like a hike up Half Dome and back down. Nothing helped me overcome my limpy, gimpy brain ... until I found neurofeedback. It saved my brain. It saved my life.

My Journey as a Neurofeedback Provider Begins: My boutique practice -- using the cutting-edge BrainPaint neurofeedback system -- is a labor of love to help others

  • who strongly desire to live a thriving life,
  • who have high standards for themselves but find they're hindered by some sort of brain-based condition [click here for such conditions helped by neurofeedback], and
  • who have the determination to overcome such hindrances and embrace life to the fullest.


My life's mission is to help others conquer their brain-based challenges. To provide a state-of-the-art system that teaches clients' brains to get into tip-top shape so CLIENTS control their brains, and so their dysregulated brains no longer control them. 

Every day, I'm filled with gratitude that I found neurofeedback, that I benefited from it, and that I can empathize with my clients in their daily struggles to overcome their own brain dysregulation -- however minor or major. Every day, I'm filled with gratitude as I hear my clients' stories:

  • "I can work again" 
  • "I arrived in Hawaii without having a panic attack on the plane" 
  • "I'm exercising and I'm eating healthier" 
  • "I'm not fighting with my sister anymore"
  • "My headaches are gone" 
  • "I'm sleeping better"
  • "My son can control his anger now"
  • "I haven't had a fibro flare from stress" 
  • "My son now volunteers to do chores; I'm not nagging him anymore"
  • "I'm earning straight A's in school"
  • "My daughter is free from weekly nightmares" 
  • "I no longer drive white-knuckled" 

Elevate's clients who graduate the program find they have healthier brains and happier, healthier lives. Clients leave here in control of their brain; their formerly imbalanced brain is NO LONGER in control of them. 

As of December 2017, Elevate has served more BrainPaint clients than any other local provider.   

I personally work with each client from the initial assessment through every session, till graduation day.

If we don't have thriving lives, WHY? ... Oftentimes, we don't need more effort, more compensatory techniques, more counseling, more coaching, more tutoring, more schoolwork, more programs, a better job, a better house, a different teacher, a different school, or any other such external solution. It isn't even necessarily that we need to just "try harder." Oftentimes, we need an internalsolution for the ROOT CAUSE --a brain-based solution for the CORE issue which is a dysregulated brain --> a brain that is not functioning optimally, resulting in us not feeling optimally, not relating optimally, not functioning optimally, not behaving optimally, not sleeping optimally, and/or not achieving optimally.   

Final Thoughts:  We are designed for a purpose. We are designed to thrive in that purpose. But we need tools to reach (or, get back to) our God-given potential. One vital tool is a high-functioning brain, but oftentimes somewhere along our life's journey, we encounter things that weigh on our brain, assault our brain, and/or drain our brain. Neurofeedback can help your brain function optimally, once again. Or, if you've never felt that your brain has functioned at its best, neurofeedback can help you, as well.

Contact me for a complimentary 20-minute phone or in-office consultation if you're interested in exploring how The No-Work Workout for Your Brain -- neurofeedback -- can help you elevate your brain function, and hence, elevate your life.  

Linda Guzman Ellenberger

Elevate Brain Training Owner & Operator

Authorized BrainPaint Neurofeedback Provider

Certified BrainPaint Neurofeedback Provider

B.A. Communication, Pepperdine University

Professional Clear Teaching Credential, English/Speech

​Email me at elevatebraintraining@gmail.com